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Thread: Getting cash abroad
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On Tue, 2008-07-15 at 20:32 +1200, Apptech wrote:
> And yes, by all means, get a credit card. You should be able
> to use it if you
> end up shopping at high-street shops (not regular mom+pop
> shops). Just
> remember that there is usually a surcharge for purchasing by
> credit card
> (about 3% or so).
> />
> In NZ that's true. I have been surprised to find that in
> various other countries people often do NOT charge any extra
> for using credit cards. This may vary with location. eg
> Hongkong electronic stores seemed to add no extra. Australia
> also.

It's very rare to see a surcharge for using credit cards in North
America. About the only place it every happens is in extremely low
margin shops like small computer shops.

In the few places I've been in Europe I've never seen a surcharge.


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