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Thread: Printed solar panels
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Following up on a piece I saw on Discovery's Planet Green


The company has a plastic-fullerene (Bucky Balls) mix that can be
printed. They're very close to volume production. What I saw in
the program were about 30mm wide strips of clear brown-tint on
a continuous water-clear plastic backing. The process seemed
like that for developing photographic film or printing a newspaper.
The substrate goes in one end, around a few rollers, and comes out
as a thin flexible finished product a short time later

Spokesman (the boss I think - Mr Konarka ?) claimed that price
should come down to 10c per watt, versus $2.50 per watt for
current technology, ie panels. One other big improvement is that
the film is omni-directionally receptive and doesn't need to track
the sun. He claimed that it's efficient enough to work under house
lighting, for charging, powering Connect 4 games, etc

Picture and more

Startup Makes Cheap Solar Film Cells ... With an Inkjet Printer


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