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Thread: OK to operate at the absolute max rating?
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> Apptech wrote:
>>>> ...  I simply don't read the "absolute maximum ratings"
>>>> at all. For any
>>>> normal design work (except for disaster survival
>>>> considerations) that
>>>> section is irrelevant.

>> Essentially agree. Knowing what abs max ratings are and
>> ensuring that
>> they cannot be exceeded is required only for survival
>> design aspects.
>> For operation you look elsewhere.

> Right... but aren't "disaster survival considerations"
> part of "normal
> design work"? At least for me, they usually are...
> Gerhard

I can't see how any of us are really disagreeing.

Summary directly from above:

   abs max    = survival
   Operation = elsewhere


   normal design except for (ie unrelated to) survival <>
abs max.

I think all represented here fully understand the issues and
that any variations are solely semantic.

Yep. All experience engineers design for survival (or
controlled descent into death in very special cases*).
But, operational figurings for loading, slew rates, etc are
usually done inside the doesn't-die umbrella once it is

* eg a telemetry unit is to be used WITHIN a kiln which
reaches a temperature of 300 degrees C within 5 minutes.
Survival of the telemetry unit is unimportant as long as it
correctly telemeters whatever over the 5 minute period.
Special conditions make it necessary for the electronics to
be located within the hot space. Design it ... .
Back of my mind suggests that somebody here had a design
requirement something like that a while ago.

A probe enters the Jovian atmosphere at ...
An unbraked Lunar penetrator ...
A GPS unit installed in an artillery shell  ...
A crash dummy ... / rocket sled ... / ...
One of Russell's cameras ... :-)


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