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Thread: Getting cash abroad
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> Paypal seems to me to be an expensive way to move money. Do
> I have a wrong impression?
It depends on how much money, when I enquired about an international
bank transfer (uk-germany) there was a flat fee (arround a tenner IIRC)
for all transactions up to a fairly large ammount (£10k or so iirc). I
don't know how favourable the exchange rate was but I would expect it to
be reasonable.

Paypal has a much smaller upfront fee but takes a relatively high
percentage fee. Therefore it is a decent choice for small transactions
but bank transfers would probablly become cheaper past a few hundred pounds.

This will almost certainly vary depending on the banks and currancies
you are dealing with.

However you move money arround I would think a local bank account would
be pretty damn important to allow you to make your day to day
transactions without unacceptable fees (keeping large ammounts of cash
seems unwise to me).
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