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Thread: Need help with 24F/30F/33F PICs extendedprecisionMUL/DIVplease
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Electron wrote:
> I received many answers (for which I'm grateful), but none addressed
> my request, although I think was quite clear.

If everyone mistunderstood the question, just maybe you should consider the
question was poorly worded.

I still don't understand how this isn't just a scaling problem after a

> However, I've done my math and by maximixing precision (shifting left
> the data
> before division to get maximum precision even from 32bit), I've been
> able to make
> it work satisfactorily with 32bit math.

Sounds exactly like one of the suggestions I made.  I guess my answer wasn't
clear enough.

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Subject (change) Need help with 24F/30F/33F PICs extendedprecisionMUL/DIVplease

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