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Thread: OK to operate at the absolute max rating?
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Wouter van Ooijen wrote:
> That reminds me of job interviews where the boss says "The project is
> 99% ready, just a few bugs left, that's where you are needed." In most
> cases this is that's the moment to run.

The worst consulting scenario is when a unsophisticated customer wants a
gizmo finished that is "80% done", and then expects to pay 20% of what Vinny
(the guy that bailed out on the project) originally thought it would take.
Of course what's really going on is that Vinny was in over his head from the
start.  He was picked for the project because his estimate was 1/3 that of
others because he had no clue what he was getting into, and the boss was too
greedy and incompetent to think about why Vinny's estimate was so unusually

Vinny could make is bad design limp along for a while but when he got to 80%
of the boss-visible features, at least one thing broke for every thing he
tried to add.  So basically there is no value at all in the existing design
and to proceed a new design must be done, hopefully right this time.  But
the boss doesn't want to let go of something he paid for.  Unless you're
really desperate, you run a way screaming from a job like this as fast as
you can.  Unfortunately these kind of people tend to pop up in bad economic

Sorry, this is just a long winded way of agreeing with you.

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