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Thread: OK to operate at the absolute max rating?
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> My prototype works, and it works great. Sure, the PIC chip burns out in
> it after about a week, but other than that it's OK. So this time around
> I'm keeping an eye on the current limits so that it will run forever.

Oh sorry I missed that you already breadboarded it. So what is the current
do you measure in the Vdd pin when you switch on all the LEDs and when all
of them are turned off? And current and voltage do you measure in different
scenarios? (one LED is turned on, all of them, and if you experience on
current or voltage drop at how many LEDs can you use together without this

Also if you apply different current limiters how does it change the
viability of the LEDs? Now you can play a lot to get answers to may of your
questions as you have your prototype.


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Subject (change) OK to operate at the absolute max rating?

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