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Thread: OK to operate at the absolute max rating?
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Tamas Rudnai wrote:
> Actually it is interesting that the PicKit2 design exploits the
> behaviour of the output fet, so that only a 10 ohm resistor is used
> for a current limiter for the ICSPDAT and ICSPCLK lines. So that the
> current is too huge to be able to drive the output therefore the
> voltage level will be dropped (as described in the datasheet).
> Personally I do not like such exploitations, it is just interesting
> to see that at Microchip they design circuits like this.

The PICKit2 has a few other design flaws.  For example, it doesn't supply
the minimum bulk erase voltage to the target over the full range of legal
USB power voltages.  It even uses the USB power voltage as its reference

The PICKit2 is a OK design for what it was intended to be, which is a very
low cost "quick and dirty" programmer.  It has succeeded in that very well.
However, users need to keep this in mind.  It is certainly not something you
want to use in a production situation, for example.

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