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Thread: OK to operate at the absolute max rating?
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Tomás Ó hÉilidhe wrote:
> I'm powering the 887 off 3 volts.
> When a pin is set to high, I guess it will be between 2.8 volts and 3
> volts maybe.
> This pin will go to an LED whose voltage drop is 2.1, and thence to a
> 33 ohm resistor to ground.
> Current will be about 25 mA or so.

Are you still intending to have only a single LED out of 50 or so
multiplexed on at a time?  If so, the average current for a LED that is
supposed to be on will be 500uA.

Have you done your LED voltage/current/brightness homework yet?  How would
you describe the brightness at 500uA?  What is the appropriate spot on the
voltage/current diagram for where you will be operating these LEDs?

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