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Dr Skip wrote:
> The EE and TECH division are not clear, at least to me.

Me neither.  I'm rather confused about EE and the purpose of making a
distinction between what you can do yourself versus not.  At some point,
*somebody* is doing all the things that are being done worldwide.  So I can
talk about controlling a 30A relay for a safety shutoff to my home table
saw, but not how a PIC can control a contactor that protects a 750KV power
line?  This doesn't make any sense, especially if I happen to be working on
a PIC controlled contactor to protect a 750KV power line (which I'm not,
this is just a example).  It seems to me the real purpose is to allow
discussion of the things around your PIC even though it's not about the PIC

I suggest we get rid of EE (since at various times it's been called
Electrical Engineering, then the vague Everything Engineering, and now I'm
not sure what) and replace it with EMB for EmBedded Systems.  This is for
scientific and engineering discussion of the things around your PIC.  If
you're doing a PIC project (or AVR or ARM, etc) and have questions about the
wider system it fits into, then this is where to ask.

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