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> Specifically, what EE topics are TECH and what PC topics go where?
> CAD software Q's? Backup software Q's? Engineering software
> suggestions? Writing software vs using software? USB design? USB
> software? USB usage? You get the idea...
> I'd say most of that is TECH. I'd be happy for eg Bob to
> indicate otherwise.

I'd suggest that anything to do with Eagle for example would be [EE],
and anything CAD that helps make better PCBs for eg PICs to go on,
or enclosures, machining, milling etc

Not directly related to PICs, soldering, components, etc - [TECH]. If
there is or could be a schematic - [EE]

USB at the electrical level - [EE] or [PIC]. USB as a back-up strategy
for a PC - [TECH]. Unless maybe it's got a PIC in it or it's an [EE] hack
for example, then it could get 'promoted'

Software - hmmm. Directly related to better engineering - [EE]. Win or
Linux as general OS's IMO don't qualify as [EE]. A particular part of
an OS might be appropriate in [EE] or even [PIC], for example specific
s/w, drivers, interfacing (as per USB above), that sort of thing. But
otherwise, probably [TECH]

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