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Thread: Pins from Pickit 2 to 887
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The pin identified by the ">" is not connected to anything. The next 5 pins
are identified in exactly the same way as the ICD2. More below.

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The PICKIT2 can grab  them and provide the VDD and GND for programming

>    Q2) Can I just hardwire the MCLR pin straight to my 6-pin header, or
> do I need this pin to have a specific value for normal operation? (i.e.
> is it OK to have it floating when the Pickit2 isn't connected)?

Connect it to VDD  thru a 10K resistor.

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When in debug mode, you cannot press your buttons. That's all.

> It doesn't appear as if the Pickit2's leftmost pin is connected to
> anything, but if anyone knows better then please advise!

Not used.

> Also if there's any caveats please let me know! Am I on the right track
> with this?
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