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Thread: EEPROM Read Problems
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Mark Rages wrote:
> The horizontal tab character has been in ASCII for 40 years.  Perhaps
> it is time to upgrade your mail software.

The character is well defined but its action is not.  There are no standard
tab stops.

By now people really should know not to put tab characters in files you
expect others to look at, especially when they are asking them to do so as a
favor.  There is no way to know what tab stops are set on someone else's
system.  Since just about any editor can translate tabs to spaces according
to the tab settings at the time, there is really no excuse for this.

If you insist on using some brain dead editor that can't convert tabs to
spaces, then you can always do it by post processing.  My freely available
ASPIC_FIX program does that, in addition to a few other things to make PIC
assembler source as readable as possible.  My COPYA program has command line
options for converting tabs to spaces with arbitrary tab stops of your
choosing.  There are many other programs out there too.

Personally I think any MPASM code posted here should be run thru ASPIC_FIX
first, although I may be a tad partial.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/memory.htm?key=eeprom
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