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Thread: EEPROM Read Problems
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threewheeler7 wrote:
> movlw d'16'
> movwf count
> clrf temp                ;address 0x00
> E1
> movlw temp           ;load address into w
> bsf STATUS, RP0 ;Bank 1
> movwf EEADR              ;move address to EEPROM
> bsf EECON1, RD ;EE Read
> movf EEDATA, W ;W = EEDATA
> bcf STATUS, RP0 ;Bank 0
> call LCD_CharD
> incf temp,f
> decfsz count,f
> goto E1

For one thing, labels start in column 1 and everything else in column 2 or
later.  Didn't this mess produce massive warnings?

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/memory.htm?key=eeprom
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