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Thread: Will 'btfss RXREG, n' make 16F628 USART RGREG as read?
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> With PIC16F628 is it possible to test a bit from the RXREG first
> and after that mov the very same data byte, or will testing of a bit
> be considered as reading the register and clearing it to make space
> for the next in the pipeline?

Pekka, good question !!

A bit test might count as a read. AIUI the register is fetched and tested.
For example using BSF on a port causes the port to be read, modified
and written back to the pins, even though a read wasn't actually the
intent (eg like movf port,w) and the BSF 'appears' to the user as simply
an output operation

Had a look through this

Asynchronous Communications with the PICmicro® USART


but it doesn't go further than the datasheet in that regard

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/ios.htm?key=usart
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Subject (change) Will 'btfss RXREG, n' make 16F628 USART RGREG as read?

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