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Thread: Fuel economy measurement across the globe
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On Fri, 2008-07-11 at 08:27 +1000, cdb wrote:
> :: In Australian we tend to use l/100km, and my car gets about
> :: 11.5l/100km.
> ::
> :: As with New Zealand many are happy also quoting in mpg.
> I have never quite understood why metric centred fuel measurement uses
> the L/100klm formula, to me MPG (imp or US) says - you've travelled so
> far and used so much, of course if you used KPL you'd end up with
> fractions or some bright spark would think your talking about Key
> Perfomance Learnings or some such trash.

I don't know why L/100km exists, but I do prefer it.

The reason is pretty specific to where I am, but here goes:

Since the speed limit in most areas results in people driving around
100km/h on average, that L/100km figure can often be changed to L/hour.

Since most people where I'm from refer to distances in number of hours
needed to get there (i.e. North bay is about 6 hours north of Toronto is
VERY commonly heard), it makes it REAL easy to figure out how much fuel
you need.

6 hours to North Bay, car gets 6L/100km, which is about 6L/hour, so
that's roughly 36L to get there.

This may sound strange to some, but that's how we do things! :)


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