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Thread: Fuel economy measurement across the globe
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On 7/10/08, Rolf <learrspamspamrogers.com> wrote:
> By way of example, the 'officail' fuel consumption guide for 2008 in
> Canada is here (4.8meg download):
> http://www.oee.nrcan.gc.ca/transportation/tools/fuelratings/fuel-consumption-guide-2008.pdf

That is really very nice and with a little bit of searching I find
that the US fuel economy database is downloadable:

I wonder if the canadian version is downloadable, and if there's a
unified EU version I can get.

Which is fantastic!  I'll have to add some new features to my website...

<giddy with excitement that will no doubt wear off once I actually
start trying to work with the data>

You can do searches for cars based on model/year, fuel economy, class,
etc from their website:


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