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Thread: Suggestions for customizable enclosure
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Forrest W. Christian wrote:
> http://www.packetflux.com/images/revcsi.jpg runs me about $8.50,
> shipped to my location, at qty 250.  They come non-silk-screened -
> and I add the white label shown.   I think the First-Time NRE was
> around $300.
> Looking at my recent pricing sheet, these are only around $11.50 at
> Qty 50.
> This enclosure is approximately 2.25" deep (the direction you can't
> see),  6.75" wide and 1.5" tall.  In addition to the holes you see,
> there are also two deck-screw sized keyholes on the bottom.

Not bad at all.  I wasn't aware this process could get down to these costs.

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