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Thread: Fuel economy measurement across the globe
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Tomás Ó hÉilidhe wrote:
>>>> P.S. what is a good abbreviation for "metres per 100km"?
> Because it's "per", you divide, so you've got:
>     10e0    divided by    10e5

Geesh folks, this is basic stuff.

Yes the "per" implies division, but you've got it backwards.  "meters per
100Km" means "the number of meters in 100Km", or 100Km / 1m.

Then you are confused about the XXeYY notation.  As far as I know, this came
from early attempts to express scientific notation in linear text,
specifically in Fortran floating point values.  XXeYY means "XX times ten to
the power of YY", or "XX * 10**YY" (where hopefully it's obvious to everyone
that ** is the exponent operator).  So 10e5 = 10 x 10**5 = 1,000,000, which
is wrong since you were tring to express 100,000.

> which is:
>     10e-5

Other than that the 10 should be a 1 and the -5 should be a 5 it's perfect.
The correct answer is 100,000 or 10**5 or 1e5.

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