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Thread: Fuel economy measurement across the globe
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Thanks for asking this!  I had asked before but didn't get much
comment.  Now I nee to update my calculator:

With options for
litres per 100km
litres per km
km per litre
miles per imperial gallon

Although, that nearly fills the problem space.  Need to keep it
simple, but I could make an advanced calculator with two options for
input, and three for output:
Volume units (Gallons, Imperial Gallons, Litres, Hogshead)
Distance units (Miles, KM, Furlongs)
Efficiency Measurement (Volume per distance, distance per volume)
Cost measurement (cost per volume, volume per cost, distance per cost,
cost per distance)

...should take care of the most common permutations, and allow for
simple expansion to add the odd measurements later...


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