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Thread: Suggestions for customizable enclosure
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Vitaliy wrote:
> - Is there a "standard" size that is close to our target (+/- 2" on
> the width/depth)?

Not really.  There are a lot of box companies, and they make a wide variety
of stuff often unrelated to each other.

> - Where can such enclosures be bought?

There are many companies that specialize in enclosures.  Pactec, OKW,
Unibox, just to name 3 that popped into my head.  Each has their own style.

I found Pactec a pain to work with, but Unibox in San Luis Obispo CA has
been great.  You call and a real person answers the phone, is willing to
talk you thru the process if you're not familiar with it, and they get
things done quickly and for a reasonable price.  I had them make custom
cutouts and silkscreen of one of their standard boxes for a customer that
wanted a bunch of USBProgs for field use.  You can see the pictures at
http://www.embedinc.com/products/usbprog2.  If you call Unibox
(http://www.uniboxinfo.com (800) 814-8667) tell Miki I sent you (No, I'm not
getting any kickbacks).

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