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Thread: Suggestions for customizable enclosure
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Vitaliy wrote:
> Although to be honest, I still have a hard time believing that it is
> cheaper to build an enclosure from scratch, than to customize an
> off-the-shelf enclosure. It looks so labor intensive...
I was surprised too...    I suspect that a lot of it depends on how
picky you are about the enclosure, and how much the machining step costs
you.    Initially I needed a vented enclosure which were few and far
between, and quite expensive.   The envision plastics enclosure was
cheaper than any I could find, not even counting routing.

I would guess that the more common the type of enclosure you need is,
the less likely the "no molds" enclosures will be an economical
solution.  For us, we really only had one or two injection molded
enclosures to pick from, so it was a no brainer.

Also, don't discount the cost of specialized assembly in some cases for
the standard enclosures...  If you have to do funky stuff to make a
board work in a standard enclosure, and that reduces your yield, or
increases your manufacturing costs, then something like the envision
plastics enclosures make some sense.

That said, For some smaller items which are not as enclosure-picky,
we're working on getting a CNC router running here.  Initially we'll be
milling end-panels for enclosures which have removable end panels - I.E.
use the router to cut new end panels, with all the holes, out of raw
plastic sheet of the appropriate thickness.   These will mainly be for
low-volume, high dollar products which we can't really justify the small
but still present overhead of getting the initial work done on a custom

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