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Thread: Suggestions for customizable enclosure
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Are you looking for a plastic or metal enclosure? If metal, I'd probably
just have the whole thing custom made at your favoirtie CNC shop. Punching
metal after it's bent is a pain. If the cabinet is plastic, some come with
an area to insert a custom flat panel. That's what was done on the
original IQ512M at
.  However, the cabinet cost was still excessive, so it was redesigned to
be totally custom metal as seen at http://www.dovesystems.com/ .

Plastic box companies will often machine the box (making holes and slots)
as you require. We used a PacTec box for the BrailleMaster
http://www.dovesystems.com/ShowContent.php?page=braille . We had to order
500 pieces minimum. We carefully checked our drawings and got a first
article. Then 500 pieces showed up wrong (the box is not symmetrical, and
they must've put it in the jig backwards for production). So we returned
500 boxes and got 500 correct ones. That's probably why these things cost
so much!

Good luck!


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