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Thread: Code packing
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On Tue, 2008-07-08 at 16:13 -0400, Olin Lathrop wrote:
> jim wrote:
> > Wolves do belong to the canine family
> > Therefore they are dogs
> Both dogs and wolves are canines, but wolves are subsets of canines and dogs
> are a subset of a particular species of wolf.  Depending on usage, you could
> even say that "wolf" refers to the wild animals and not to their dog
> descendents.  In particular, common dogs are artificially selected
> descendents of Canis lupus, referred to as Canis lupus familiaris.  There
> are canines that are not wolves, and wolves that are not ancestors of dogs.

Jim/Olin/others: There is no reason for this thread to be in the PIC
realm, please move this to OT.

Thanks, TTYL

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