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Rolf wrote:
> I have attached a snippet of what things look like when your mail
> systems start 'truncating' headers. It means that the associations of
> the mails are lost.

I guess you are saying that the header is supposed to track the many layers
of "threads" the message is in reply to?  Seems a bit silly, although I can
certainly believe someone cooked up a "standard" for that.  In theory, the
chain could be infinitely long.  Sounds like a good solution would be to
completely delete that part of the header.  If I did things right, all that
thread nonsense should be reset with this message.

> This is akin to a person not using correct
> comments in the code.

Not even remotely.  For one thing, these thread references are purely
machine generated.

> In this case, your systems are broken.

I guess by this thread tracking standard.

> Fixing this is of some significance, and not just for me.

Actually I think your biggest gripe is that it breaks the way you chose to
look at PIClist threads.

> The internet
> archives all have the wrong reference chains for your mails.

No, only some.  The official PIClist message archive seems to get it right,
and that's the only one I ever use.  It gets it right probably because James
realized that this thread tracking standard can not be relied on and found
some other way to determine threads, probably from the subject line.  Maybe
you should use the subject line too instead of relying on everyone adhering
to this standard.

> This can
> lead to confusion for people trying to follow a discussion. This
> thread
> in Nabble, for example, is broken the same way as I see it in my
> reader.

Oh well.  That puts it at about 1000 on my list of 100 things to worry

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