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Thread: compliant e-mail systems ..... was [EE]:Eagle question
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Rolf wrote:
> I just don't understand this...

Of course you do.  You are just trying to diguise your dig at me.

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They can suggest all they want.  I don't recall asking for advice on my
mailer.  But in any case I've read what people have said and find the
arguments unconvincing and to keep doing what I'm doing in my best interest.
Maybe some day I'll find the limitation in the POP3 server and extend it to
1024 characters or more, but that's as far as I currently plan to take it.
I haven't asked for other people's opinion or help on the matter and don't
care what they think.  I've got stuff to attend to, and this isn't even on
the long list.

If I remember right, this started when someone was whining about my mailer
not doing something right with threads.  They showed some header barf, never
pointed out exactly what OE did wrong, and certainly never explainined how
this was adversely effecting me.  The only conclusion I could draw was that
it isn't effecting me, so there is nothing to solve.  If someone has a
problem with OE, they need to take it up with Microsoft.

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Subject (change) compliant e-mail systems ..... was [EE]:Eagle question

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