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Thread: Longterm backup ..was USB power in parallel
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>>I think the best long term backup is multiple external USB
>>drives. If one dies, you still have the others. It's unlikey
>>they'd all die at once.
> I wouldn't bet on it. We bought a bunch of USB flash drives for everyone
> to
> have a means of moving files around, one for each employee in the
> division.
> They all died within a very short time of each other. Don't know if it was
> a
> batch or design problem, but they all went inaccessible. I haven't opened
> mine up to see if it is a bad joint or anything, but intend to at some
> stage.

Sorry I wasn not clear! These are external USB hard drives, not flash drives.


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Subject (change) Longterm backup ..was USB power in parallel

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