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Thread: Longterm backup ..was USB power in parallel
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On 7/8/08, Alan B. Pearce <KILLspamA.B.PearceEraseMEspamspamBeGonerl.ac.uk> wrote:
> Unfortunately I just cannot get my mind around storing a 10MB picture from a
> digital camera on punched tape .... The storage and retrieval times would be
> something to behold, even with a high speed reader ... to say nothing of the
> tape volume ...

If you store it with the right format and encoding then you don't even
need a computer - just take the tape, cut it into even lengths
(depending on the width of the image) tape them up on a dark wall
(light tape with darkened holes) and you'll be able to view the image.

With a good encoding scheme you may be able to do this and still store
the high resolution, color version in the data punched.  Assuming you
made a paper tape that stores a byte in 1.125" x 0.125" area of
0.0032" thick paper tape, your 10MB file would be 19.7 miles (31KM)
long, and would take a volume of 2.6 cubic feet (0.07 M^3).  Which
doesn't seem like a lot until you realize you have thousands of these

A good 8x10 blowup on archival quality media (film or ink and paper)
would likely be adequate, and cheaper/faster/easier to use.


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