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Thread: Connector for high current
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Zik Saleeba wrote:
> Radio control applications routinely push specs beyond their usual
> limits to achieve acceptable flying weight.
> (Ok, mass if you prefer... Gimme a break -
> I'm a hobbyist!)

Actually you were right the first time.  In this case the relevant measure
of what you have to lift is weight, since you're trying to work against the
earth's gravity.  If you were doing this on some other planet with the same
surface atmosphere but half the gravity, you would still need to keep below
the same weight but your craft could have twice the mass.  If you can
produce 60N thrust, your craft had better weigh less than 60N.  That would
allow its mass to be about 6Kg on earth, but 12Kg on this other planet.

If you were flying your craft on the space station, then any amount of mass
would let it fly.  The thurst to mass ratio only dictates how fast it can
accellerate on its own.

And no, physics doesn't take a break for hobbyist.

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