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> movlw (1 << TMR0ON) | (1 << T0PS2) | (1 << T0PS0)
> movwf T0CON

This is definitely better than just providing a HEX or even binary value,
but I still don't like it much because the mnemonics can be cryptic and

1 - The mnemonics can by cryptic, so you still have to look them up in the
manual most of the time.

2 - Because of how continuation lines are broken in MPASM, you don't get the
opportunity to comment on each bit.

3 - This only shows the bits that are set to 1, not 0.  The choices you made
that happened to be the default value are not shown.

I document each field, for example:

        dbankif adcon1
        movlw   b'00001000'
                ; XX------  unimplemented
                ; --0-----  use Vss for Vref-
                ; ---0----  use Vdd for Vref+
                ; ----1000  configure AN0-AN6 as analog, rest digital
        movwf   adcon1

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