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Thread: Connector for high current
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Hi Zik,

I know I am coming in late but I can't resist.

Looks like a very cool design. However, there are a few things I don't

1) 4.6kW seems like a LOT of power to produce 6kg of thrust. In grad
school, I built a four-rotor helicopter which weighed 6kg and needed
only 1.6kW to hover. We used four 18 inch diameter unshrouded props. I
suppose that your considerably smaller diameter fans (look to be about
6 inch) are probably the reason for the higher power usage but it
seems like a huge discrepancy.

2) Can your battery pack really supply 210A? How long do you expect to
pull 210A for?

3) We used some of the original LiPos (around 2002-2003) in a 7 cell
series by 2 cell parallel configuration, drawing about 10 to 15 amps.
There was one of these packs per motor. Even this was pushing the
packs to the point where they would get very warm. I know that newer
LiPos can handle higher currents but 210A seems huge!


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