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Thread: Connector for high current
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I don't see anything in that picture that gives away the size of the
wire.  The side cutters could actually be a large pair, and the other
connector might be available in several sizes.  Also the wire
insulation might be very thin.

Still, I agree that it doesn't _look_ like 1 AWG wire - if it was then
the side cutters are indeed huge...

Looking a bit more closely, looks like the black heat shrink tube is
labeled 0.40 - ostensibly 0.40" (could be something else, but this a a
common size).  This means the wire with the insulation is likely to be
around 0.25" assuming 50% shrinkage.  With very thin insulation this
indicates 2 to 4 gauge wire.

The current carrying capacity of a wire (apart from regulations such
as NEC) is dependant on the heat rise above ambient that the wire and
insulation can stand without breakdown.  Given high end insulation,
200A from 2 AWG wire is perfectly acceptable.  Further, I doubt the
duty cycle is 100%, and chances are this is meant for proof of concept
and will only be used for very short durations over several tests,
rather than continuous use for months/years.

Depending on the length of the wire, and the environment in the
airframe, this could be extended (especially with active cooling).

So... yes, it's ambiguous, but it would be interesting (and
instructive!) to know what gauge wire is being used, the insulation
surrounding it, and how it was determined that this should be safe
given then operating parameters.


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