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Thread: What's a "bright" LED?
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Tomás Ó hÉilidhe wrote:
> The Connect4 game is well established as using colour to indicate the
> players' chips. Of course a pattern could work instead of colour, but
> I haven't seen any pattern LED's.

I have no idea what a Connect4 game is, but it sounds like you want to
indicate three states for each of a number of positions in a rectangular
grid.  What about two discrete LEDs physically close to each other?  They
could still be different colors to add to the distinction.  Sortof like a
traffic light per game square.  Or modulate brightess so you have off medium
and bright?  I've used brightness and flashing patterns to indicate a number
of states with a single LED on several products, but I could see how this
could get confusing or annoying with a whole array of these.

As for driving them, that can be arranged.  Find LEDs and a display strategy
that works first, then have that decide your driving circuit, not the other
way around.

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