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Thread: What's a "bright" LED?
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Tomás Ó hÉilidhe wrote:
> Now try searching for a bi-polar, bi-colour, bi-lead LED that has one
> dome and that's above 50 mcd.

First, the exercise was to find out how bright is bright enough, so
individual LEDs are just fine, even easier to use.  Since you don't know how
bright you need, you don't know whether 50mcd is enough or not.

Second, two-lead bicolor LEDs being so hard to find should tell you it's
probably a bad idea to rely on them in your design.  There are lots of
alternatives, like using separate LEDs, common anode or common cathode, or
even RGB LEDs.  Some of these solutions simplify the drive requirements and
even get around the problem of using color to convey information, which is
not a good idea as has already been discussed.

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