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Thread: Battery Capacity
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The internal resistance is really a misnomer in such a situation as
various mechanisms within the chemical reactions limit the maximum
current. However, for a car battery it would easily be something like
2000 amps if fully charged.

I would recommend that you NOT try this again. If you do, at least
wear safety glasses. It is possibly (although unlikely) to kill
yourself this way as the battery produces hydrogen and oxygen gasses
while in operation and the sparks from shorting it out can easily set
of a rather large explosion, sending bits of battery and liquid
battery acid at you. This can easily blind you permanently.

A better way to try such an (admittedly fun) experiment would be to
rig some way to short out the battery while you are, say, 10 or 20
meters away. This could be some kind of contraption for moving the
metal rod by a string or you could also attach heavy-duty cable to the
battery terminals and short it, say, 10 meters away from the battery.
Still beware of the bright flash you will get - you don't want to be
looking right at it.


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> Anyone know what the internal resistance of a car battery is?
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