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Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:
> Using Olin's dev envir, OTOH, is a much larger switch
> in your coding "style", IMHO. Yes, it's an impressive
> environment, but I guess you'd better be a "believer"... :-)

I agree it's not easy to wrap your mind around, which is why I don't
recommend it to newbies.  A experienced person like Jinx should be able
figure it out.  I know that you and Alan and a few others that seem to
remain quiet have figured it out and use it.

By the way, I just refreshed the version available on the net at
http://www.embedinc.com/pic/dload.htm.  I don't remember all that has
changed since the last version, but a lot has been added in the last year or
so.  Some of the things I can remember are:

- Significant preprocessor enhancements.  It now handles time natively, can
test for existance of symbols and system environment variables, can get
system environment variables, and native support for sequence numbers stored
in external files.  Output bits can be declared positive or negative logic,
and can be set on and off according to that logic with the macros
SET_name_ON and SET_name_OFF.

- New QQQLIB.INS.ASPIC template and STD_DEF.INS.ASPIC so that the processor
choice is in only one line of source code.  The right Microchip include file
and the MPASM processor setting are automatically derived from this.  See
comments near the top of STD_DEF.INS.ASPIC.

- Automatic version and sequence number generation per build.  The assembly
and preprocessor constants FWVER and FWSEQ are set to the build version and
sequence number and can be used anywhere in the source code.  The new
SEQUENCE.INS.ASPIC library file is used to get the unique sequence number
for a build.

- More QQQ_XXXX.ASPIC template modules and XXX.INS.ASPIC standard "library"
routines.  This includes the 18F USB firmware.  Some enhancements to
MAKE_PIC_MODULE script to support library files associated with template
files.  All the 24 bit floating point and 32 bit fixed point math routines
are now included.

- Support for more PICs.  This includes a xxx.LINKPIC linker file and a
section in the STD_DEF.INS.ASPIC file.  It is easy to add your own for any
PIC I haven't gotten around to yet.

- Updated MAKE_PIC_PROJECT script, although I don't remember the details.

- Various little enhancements, like more features in STD.INS.ASPIC, etc.

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