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Thread: Battery Capacity
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> you can't put a concrete figure on it as simple as "This battery has
> 760 milliwatt hours"

Manufacturers specify a drain current that equates to the mAh
capacity of a cell. 1A might flatten a battery in an hour. 1uA would
probably take a lot longer than 1,000,000 hours, but most batteries
have a shelf-life less than 100,000 hours

> would it not be best to make a statement such as "This battery
> has 760 milliwatt hours and has an internal resistance of 5 ohms",
> instead of giving a list of different capacities for different currents?

Because internal resistance goes up as the battery gets older. mAh
is a pretty good average indicator of capacity

You build your circuit or estimate consumption, and choose the
battery you need based on discharge curves. If you want to use a
particular battery then you may have to alter the circuit or battery
life expectations. How energy content is expressed is irrelevant if
all batteries are rated in the same way, and they are - mAh

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