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Thread: Code packing
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> the symbol EE_START which is defined separately

I've added to the .inc file

EE_BASE          EQU  H'F00000'

which makes loading/editing EEPROM tidier, back-spaces the
de '0' terminator (so data is now contiguous) and provides labels
for FSRs. MPLAB complains about an odd address if ee_base2
= ee_base+.1, so it has to = ee_base+.2, meaning there's a '0'
after baud rate, but some re-arranging will fix that. Seems that
de is lumped in with other, 16-bit, data directives which have to
be even addresses, even though EE can be written to an odd
address, being 8-bit

num_sensors    = .14
num_parameters = .6
num_offsets    = num_sensors
num_patches    = .9

ee_base2       = ee_base+.2
sensors        = ee_base2
parameters     = ee_base2+num_sensors
offsets        = ee_base2+num_sensors+num_parameters
patches        = ee_base2+num_sensors+num_parameters+num_offsets

 org ee_base

de  .25  ;baud rate

 org sensors  ;sensor init values

de  .36,.38,.48,.47,.51,.49,.46,.42,.62,.63,.127,.43,.71,.83

 org parameters  ;sensor grouping

de  .1,.63,.63,.100,.4,.0

 org offsets

de  .0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0,.0

 org patches

de  .1,.9,.17,.25,.26,.33,.41,.49,.57,.1

<01cd01c8de3c$7b641620$89aafea9@ivp1> 7bit

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