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Thread: Code packing
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> And again, for quite a lot of the piclist readers "serious
> projects" can probably be edited and build just fine using
> the MPLAB-IDE only...

I know Olin is an advocate for relocatable and its benefits but.....
every project/product I've ever done for the last dozen years has
been for a particular chip, and absolute code built with MPASM
has never been a problem. Code ends up where it's meant to
and runs fine

If I hadn't put a single "de" on a line I wouldn't have even been
confronted with code_pack. Still don't know why it's necessary
at all to pack 8-bit memory with 0

<016f01c8de27$fec7d8e0$89aafea9@ivp1> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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