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Thread: USB power in parallel
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William Chops" Westfield" wrote:
> My main use for USB drives is backup, and unfortunately flash drives
> are MUCH too small. (Photos, video, etc.)  The ideal drive is big
> enough to backup all the personal data (including duplicated data,
> since first-effort backup is to load things on more than one system)
> from the five family systems (300gb ?), more than once, and small
> enough to fit in a safe-deposit box.  I do wish there was a smarter
> backup utility...

Do you really need to *back up* 300Gb.  Chances are you are only actively
modifying a tiny portion of that and the rest would be more appropriate for
archiving.  Photos are a good example.  They take up a lot of space, but
once you're done with scanning, color correcting, annotating, or whatever,
they don't generally change.  I've got 10s of Gb of photos too, but I don't
back them up every day.  Instead if have a few copies archived on CD and

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