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Jan-Erik Soderholm wrote:
> AFAIK, relocatable/absolut mode is selected by either including
> the Linker Script file to the project, or not including it.
> Is there any other way to "get into" one mode or the other ?

The /o command line switch to MPASMWIN.  Adding a linker file to the project
is only meaningful from within the IDE.  The IDE then passes the /o command
line option to the assembler, runs MPLINK, etc.  You can do all this
yourself with scripts or other programs, of course.

Building in the IDE might be a quick shortcut for doing a one-off hobby
project, but real projects always have other things that need to get built,
other tools that need to be run, the build needs to be automated, and you
usually want to use a common editor for everything.  The IDE is only useful
for debugging for serious projects.

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