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Jinx wrote:
> 309 ee_init code_pack 0xf00000
> 310
> 311 de  .25                             ;baud rate
> 312 de  .36,.38,.48,.47,.51,.49,.46     ;sensors 0 - 6
> 313 de  .42,.62,.63,.127,.43,.71,.83    ;sensors 7 - 12

Again, I think you want DB not DE, but otherwise this looks fine.  Also,
while F00000h is correct for all 18F as far as I know, it is different for
other PICs.  I don't like hard coding the EEPROM start address into the
code, so I use the symbol EE_START which is defined seperately depending on
the processor being built for.  Of course CODE_PACK won't port to other than
a PIC 18, but I still think it's better to use a symbol.  A symbol like
EE_START is a better hint than F00000h unless the reader happened to
remember that EEPROM starts there on PIC 18.

> Error[149]   309 : Directive only allowed when generating an object
> file

Somehow you got into absolute mode.  CODE, CODE_PACK, UDATA, etc are not
supported in absolute mode.

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