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Have this EEPROM storage in an 18F MPLAB project

de  d25                          ;baud rate
de  d36,d38,d48,d47,d51,d49,d46  ;sensors 0 - 6
de  d42,d0,d63,d127,d0,d0        ;sensors 7 - 12

What happens is that the data is actually stored as 25,0,36,38, ....

The notes in Assembler Help say that odd numbers of de and db
will be packed with a 0, and that to not pack you must use the
code_pack directive when creating an object file. To me though,
the "oddness" is simply because d25 is on one line, and the next
address is on the following. The intention is for contiguous data.
As I'm not creating an object file, I can't use code_pack

I'm not short of EE space so it actually doesn't matter in this instance
if data is packed with zeroes. Although I'll have to make sure that EE
reads get the right data. It's just one of those "why do they do that ?"
questions. And "can I do it a different way ?"


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