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Thread: Batteries that have memory [ a poll ]
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> For me, it essentially turns out that NiCd, NiMH, and LA batteries  
> are not "worth it", period
> ............
> They just don't work for me in most applications.

Unfortunately with things like hand-held power tools, NiCd are
generally what they come with. I find it most disappointing that
otherwise not-bad engineering on even a $15 tool is made
redundant sooner rather than later by either poor-quality batteries
or charging. The variety of AA I have for a transistor radio, MP3
player, bike lights etc are rotated. None are left more than a couple
of weeks without being used, and they're lasting very well indeed.
Some are quite a few years old now and still give good power

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/batterys.htm?key=batteries
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