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> For folks who use (or know about) ExpressPCB, is there a repository of
> custom schematic components anywhere?  Google turned up a little teeny
> tiny bit, showing me one from a univeristy.  It might be useful, but
> it seems that an ExpressPCB user community could do well to share any
> custom components they have/make.  I suppose a repository of custom
> pcb components would be useful too, but perhaps less so... a DIP28 is,
> generally, a DIP28... but a PIC16F876A is not quite a PIC16F886.

I think there is a lot of duplicate work going on in the creation of PCB
footprints and schematic symbols. I know there are some open source layout
packages that may do what I'm suggesting, but I have not yet taken the
time to investigate. Anyway, it SEEMS that these design files should all
be ASCII and have separate files for separate primitives. For example:

1. A file that describes a particular pad.

2. A file that describes a particular footprint and references the pad
files of #1.

3. A schematic symbol file for each symbol.

4. A component file that references the schematic symbol file (#2) and the
footprint file (#1).

All these files would be available on a wiki that users contribute to.


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