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Thread: Batteries that have memory
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Here's a coincidence. I got handed for repair today an Ikelight
12V NiCd pack (10 x D) that's used for underwater photography
lighting. It has a smart charger, which was indicating "no battery".
So, took it all apart. Usual story, some partially-charged, some 0V
cells. Gave it the zap and put it back on charge. This time the indicator
said "Pending Mode". What I had to do was put 1.4V on each cell
individually for a few minutes to get a little charge into them, then
put the whole pack back on the proper charger. This time it went into
Fast Charge Mode, and is looking pretty good now, probably better
than has for some time. The pack would be very expensive to replace
and well worth the 1/2 hour spent on it

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