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Thread: Batteries that have memory
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> I've also fixed cells - at least temporarily - by _very, very briefly_
> connecting them to a car battery.  But get them the wrong way
> around and they're history

;-) yes, they would be. That's the other technique. With a dead cell
and a current-limited PSU (at least current-limited compared with the
dump rate of a large cap) the voltage on the cell will sit at 0V for a
few seconds, maybe longer, and then the voltage suddenly rises as
the voltage forces a pathway and charge starts to be accepted. You
must must must whisk the voltage away as soon as you see that rise.
Or stand back

You could liken this rejuvenation to a hammer and nail. Applying
normal charge current/voltage into a very resistant cell is like trying to
get a nail in by pushing it with the hammer. What it really needs is a
good whack. Pulling the nail out (discharging the battery) leaves a
hole, meaning the nail *can* be pushed in the next time

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/batterys.htm?key=batteries
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