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Thread: [PIC] best method to measure rain qty
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On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 09:35 +0100, Alan B. Pearce wrote:
> >The "tipping bucket" method is very common. I've got two rain guages
> >that use it and the only time they don't work is when the temp goes
> >below freezing...
> At which point,is it still raining, or some other form of precipitation ???
> ;))

Hehe, well, to be really nitpicky, it CAN still be rain, we call it
"freezing rain" (I think americans call it sleet?). It happens when the
ground temperature is below zero but there's a layer of air that isn't,
meaning it comes down as rain and freezes soon after hitting the ground.
Really nasty to drive in, really beautiful to see the result the next
morning, all the trees covered in a thin sheet of ice. Unfortunately you
get enough of it and your power infrastructure comes down, as happened
in southern Quebec a few years ago.

But aside from that, yes, can't really call it rain anymore if it's
below zero... :)


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