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Thread: Need caps across the power supply?
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Tomás Ó hÉilidhe wrote:
> Tomás Ó hÉilidhe wrote:
>> http://users.imagine.ie/toe/scoth3.pdf
> If you look at my latest schematic, <blah, blah, blah>

You should stick to one thread for your project, as others have already told
you several times.  It's becoming difficult to figure out what is going on.
It seems you start a new thread when someone asks you to do work in a
existing thread.

So how are you doing on the LED measuring assignment?  Why should people
help you with new issues when you haven't resolved old ones?

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/actodc.htm?key=power
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Subject (change) Need caps across the power supply?

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