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Thread: Power supply project
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> Quasar in the UK <http://www.quasarelectronics.com/1138.htm> )
> Two parts that will probably need upgrading for higher currents are the
> bridge rectifier and smoothing cap; I suspect the ripple current rating
> of the cap is pretty marginal even for 3A.  I used a 25Amp bridge and a
> big computer grade electrolytic I had lying around, probably overkill as
> I only wanted about 5-6Amps.

I haven't had time to track down all the amendments made to the original
electronics-lab project (which, AYK, is the Quasar kit above), but the
base complaint is that the 24VAC of the transformer is way too high, and
particularly so for the op-amps and the SOAR of the single 2N3055

I've written to Silicon Chip, mentioning the dearth of public domain *good*
bench supply schematics, and suggested they might consider a PSU linear
or SMPS project or tutorial. The last they did was way back in 2000, a
1.23V - 40V @ 1.2A switchmode


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power/actodc.htm?key=power
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